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How does a hydraulic scissor-lift work?

This is another type of lift which you are no doubt used to seeing in your everyday lives. It is used by a plethora of different industries for various reasons and can be a very dynamic and versatile piece of equipment. Generally, companies which require a scissor-lift to perform a specific task will have one made to adhere to their specific requirements. 

The most basic form in which this type of lift is generally available is a special type of pallet lifter but there are also much more complex models on the market. The scissor-lift with a 45degree tilting platform is highly popular in industry, and also highly durable because of its reinforced base frame.  Some of the biggest scissor-lifts can carry weights up to 2 tonnes, and sometimes even more. 

Such lifts are so strong and advanced that they are used by the Swedish military and several members of NATO to simulate and test torpedo control systems; clearly this is a serious piece of equipment. They can be quite expensive to get hold of but, with one which is uniquely designed to your own businesses needs and capable of carrying vast amounts of weight, it’s an investment worth making.

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